Workplace Wellness & Stress Relief

Offering workplace speaking engagements for all business sizes and types.  This can be offered in person or virtually. Laura does travel to give presentations, but for the time being is only doing in person engagements in or within reasonable driving distance from the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  Please contact her for questions prior to booking.
A phone consultation at least two weeks prior to the event is required so Laura has time to plan and prepare her presentation to meet your needs.  If you have a last minute need contact Laura to see if she can make this work for you. Only one session is booked per day so you have full focus for your event. The most commonly requested presentation combines Laughter Yoga with the teaching of tools to help your staff step out of the stress response no matter what situation arises inside or outside of the workplace.  

Caregiver Wellness management

Catering specifically to businesses such as hospitals, physicians offices, nursing homes, veterinary clinics and first responders. This can be done in person (with any necessary precautions needed) or virtually. While all the tools Laura teaches are geared towards helping "caregiver burnout" and/or "compassion fatigue" as they all work on balancing the nervous system, there are some unique ways that target this group directly.  You can continue to be of service to others without draining your energy!  It just takes some practice to get there. 

Laughter Yoga

Traditional Laughter Yoga sessions are provided for group bookings and individuals.  From time to time free public laughter yoga sessions are offered, so please join the email list to be notified of upcoming sessions and new Laughter Yoga videos.